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Thread: Kaymar bumper with tire swing out and jerry can combo.

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    Kaymar bumper with tire swing out and jerry can combo.

    Hey guys I figured I would post here my rear bumper since there is no information on Kaymar rear bumpers anywhere. and I have gotten almost all my useful information here. I felt like repaying the favor.

    The Install (for you do-it-yourselfers):
    First make sure you have all of the tools to complete the job, our kit consisted of:
    1/2 and 3/8 Impact Socket Set (You can do this without air tools but they sure make life easier)
    Angle Grinder
    Cutoff Wheel
    Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver
    We started by gathering all of our tools and removing the spare tire and factory mount. Make sure to put the bolts back in their respective holes after you remove the spare tire mount.
    After youíve removed the spare tire and mount youíll have to start working on removing the factory bumper. There are a few bolts on top that are easily accessible with the trunk door open and a few more under the bumper along the frame. There is also one plastic plug on the passenger side that youíll need a flat head screw driver to remove, be careful because youíll need to reuse this plug (For more detailed take down instructions check out any of the FJ Cruiser forums).
    Once you have all the hardware removed give the bumper a good tug and the plastic clips will pop loose from the body. Itís going to feel like something is going to break but donít worry nothing will.
    Once the bumper is removed this is what you have. This is also a great time to point out that youíll be spending a decent amount of time under the truck, so itís a good idea to thoroughly wash the undercarriage unless you like the taste of dirt or you just hate your friends.
    Also at this point youíll need to remove the factory tow hitch if you have one. Youíre going to want either an impact or breaker bar for this one.
    Now youíll want to take a good luck at the instructions Kaymar includes with the bumper, in particular the pictures showing you where cut the factory bumper. Kaymar has you reuse some of the factory trim so make sure to take your time, and always remember your safety glasses.
    Once youíve made the proper cuts to the factory bumper you can go ahead and reattach them to the body.
    Next youíre going to have to break out your angle grinder to grind down the welds on the frame so the bumper will fit. Youíre going to have to do a few test fits to figure out where youíre going to have to grind, but itís pretty quick and painless. Make sure to touch up the frame when youíre done with some black paint to prevent rust.
    This next step might vary depending on how hard youíve wheeled your FJ. If youíre a man like Tony, youíve probably come down on your tailpipe hard numerous times and it looks like a deformed taco shell or frowny face. His was bent up so much it was interfering with the bumper so like any rational person would do we broke out the sawzall. Problem solved.
    Now with the help of a jack you can slide the bumper into position and start threading all of the bolts. Just get each one on with a few turns and donít tighten any of them up until you start the thread on every bolt. Something to consider is that even with everything ground down we still had to ream out a few of the bolt holes in the bumper. This may vary, but itís something to keep in mind.
    Once you have everything bolted up you can go ahead and grease the spindles for the tire and jerry can carrier.
    Once everything is greased up you can attach the tire and jerry can carrier. Once you have them attached you can bolt on the latches and get to the wiring.
    The wiring is pretty straight forward as long as you have a factory trailer wiring harness, just tap into the respective wires and youíre all done. If you donít have a factory trailer wiring harness then you can just run your wires up into the taillights. In regards to the license plate light, Kaymar provides you with extra wiring so you can run it into the passenger side taillight.
    Here are some closeups of the bumper deployed, and the retention system for keeping the swing arms locked open.
    Because the bumpers are drilled for Australian license plates they donít fit US spec plates, so we ended up just using double sided tape and a zip tie for extra security because race car. Your fine here.
    Total install time for this bumper was 5 hours, but this doesnít include an unscheduled visit to the autoparts store or drinking beer. If you guy want more info on my build check out FJ Cruiser Kaymar Bumper Install I DirtRoadTrip

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    Nice Job Tony and a great first post - welcome to FJCC
    Gettin Dirty with the Mexicans!!!!

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    Its good to see another person from the US on here (I live in VA as well). I've been considering getting one these bumpers. I take it you ordered this from Outback Proven? I'd like to see this in person if you don't mind. What part of VA do you live in? Thanks

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    Tony great job on the write up, I had a look at your mates site too, very nice!
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    Thanks for adding to the Aussie forum man! Always good to read an install thread with some good pictures
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    Love the write up fattony...

    Its a pity we cant get the Kaymar rear bar with Tyre swing & SINGLE jerry can holder here in Oz.
    It appears they have been superseded by the TWIN JERRY holders as standard.
    Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of,
    who do things that no one can imagine.

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